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Influencer marketing is on the rise. A quick look at Google Trends illustrates the burgeoning growth of influencer marketing.

Source: Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

As a global small business influencer I create and amplify content for the world’s top brands. The goal is to make your marketing dollars work smarter. Partnering with a leading small business influencer to serve as a official brand ambassador for your business or special project can bolster your message.

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In today’s cluttered landscape it’s essential to collaborate with a strategic partner, and small business influencer, to grow credible and authentic brand awareness and engagement.

As a brand ambassador and brand partner I’ve collaborated with Visa Business, Unilever, Google, Russell Simmons (RushCard), and others to bolster traditional, digital and social media initiatives to create co-branded content, digital co-branding campaigns and more.

I regularly collaborate with companies, just like yours, on the voice of the small business owner and have been tapped by some of the world’s most trusted brands to amplify their message to reach and empower young women.

Let’s partner on traditional, digital and social media promotional efforts. Let’s consider educational opportunities and personal appearances on your behalf at top industry and customer gatherings. I’m excited to help you execute cross-platform campaigns to fill the funnel and lead industry conversations.

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A great brand experience doesn’t just reach people, it influences them.

I help brands weave their message into the DNA of entrepreneurship culture. Are you a Fortune 500 brand, marketing consultancy or Think Tank? Do you want to market to Millennial consumers, women entrepreneurs or small business influencers. Let’s consult on special projects.

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