‘Behind The Brilliance’ With YFS Magazine Founder Erica Nicole
March 10, 2016 EricaNicole

Dallas, March 10, 2016 —Lisa Nicole Bell interviews Erica Nicole, founder and CEO of YFS Magazine (yfsmagazine.com) on Behind the Brilliance, a weekly podcast featuring curated conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people in art, culture, technology, business, lifestyle, and personal development.

The episode (Episode 80), “is filled to overflowing with wisdom, smart advice, and useful observations about life and career,” says Lisa Nicole Bell. “My guest, Erica Nicole, is the definition of a smart and driven person who turned a personal blog into a thriving business and showed an entire generation of young entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams with class and style.”

Lisa Nicole Bell hosts a provocative and insightful interview where listeners discover how Erica Nicole made the “leap from corporate superstar to thriving entrepreneur,” why she chose to start YFS Magazine, the perils of becoming a “conference ho”, secrets Erica used to grow YFS Magazine into a global destination, her perspective on relationships, creating value in the marketplace and more.

Discover Erica Nicole’s prevailing wisdom and thoughts on life, entrepreneurship and doing business on your own terms: “I bend my circumstances to my will,” says Erica Nicole. She also explains why “gratitude is a game changer” and why “validation is for parking. I validate myself.”

Past interviewees include Pamela Slim, author, business coach and speaker; Cindy Gallop, the self-proclaimed ‘Michael Bay of business’; Issa Rae, American actress and writer; Mara Marini ,Canadian actress of NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation; Shara Senderoff, co-founder and CEO of Career Sushi; Brad Feld, American entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Foundry Group; Zirtual’s former CEO Maren Kate Donovan and more.

Listeners hail Behind the Brilliance as “fresh and relevant”. Listeners attest: “Every single week I learn huge life lessons for life and business. There have been times when I’ve had to pull over and jot down notes because true knowledge is dropped.”

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Tweetable Quotes from Episode 80 of Behind The Brilliance

I bend my circumstances to my will.” @YFSEricaNicole

Gratitude is a game changer.” @YFSEricaNicole

Validation is for parking. I validate myself.” @YFSEricaNicole (View on Instagram)

The way you handle your time is an expression of your priorities.” @LisanicoleBell


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About Erica Nicole

Erica Nicole is the founder and CEO of YFS Magazine — the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business and entrepreneurship culture. As a leading female entrepreneur and small business influencer she’s on a full-tilt mission to make entrepreneurship accessible. Along the way she became a global keynote speaker, brand ambassador, columnist and advisor. As an entrepreneurial change-agent, Erica Nicole, and her work, has been featured or mentioned in international media outlets including Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Ebony Magazine, Fox Business, The Globe and Mail, MSN Business on Main, MSNBC Your Business, NBC News, The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Supplier Diversity Review, American Express OPEN Forum, Business Insider, AllBusiness.com, Mashable, AOL.com, Slate Magazine, Examiner.com and more. Learn more at ericanicole.com.


About Lisa Nicole Bell and Behind The Brilliance

With a rare mix of creative talent and business acumen, Lisa is the founder of Intersect Studios, a Los Angeles-based international media and technology company. Her accomplishments in media and business have earned a variety of nominations and awards including the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Woman Making a Difference award, the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, a Telly award, and a Cable Positive Award. Lisa delivers her signature mix of inspiration and humor as the host of her weekly podcast, Behind the Brilliance, where she shares musings on life and interviews smart, creative people about their lives and work. Learn more at LisaNicoleBell.com.